Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hasbro Fantastic Four Movie Fantasticar Review

I bought the FF movie Fantasticar at a great discount and open to inspect its contents. To my surprise, it actually has some great play value not mention in the box! The Fantasticar is 3-in1 vehicle - 3 smaller ships combined to form Fantasticar.

Play Value: 9/10:
The 1st ship - press a button at the side, the wings pop out. It shoots 2 missiles.
The 2nd ship - flip open wings, press trigger, it drop 2 bombs.
The 3rd ship - flip open wings & spoiler. It shoots 2 missiles.
All ships can be combined to form a big ship.Plus you get a free super stretch Mr Fantastic.
Lastly, the Fantasticar can fit all 4 members of the FF.! Cool.

Collectible Value: 7/10 Not sure if its value will go up in future. Buy this because you like it or like the play value. Remember, today's merchandise may be tomorrow's collectible.

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nagfa said...

Superb choice of toy!

we - partly due to us being Muslims which forbade having figurines (re: false idols) - do prefer collecting vehicular sets.

Some recent movie cars are just so cool: the Fantasticar of course, The Incredimobile (unsure of the spelling, from Pixar's The Incredibles, where Mr Incredible transforms from civilian to superhero with a pull of the car, much like Kenner's Batman Coupe), the (not-much-action, mainly-stagnant) Mach-5 from Speed Racer..

We (make that I, as the wifey won't have the same one!)have this dream of displaying M.A.S.K's Rhino and Transformers' Optimus Prime side-by-side.. Should be awesome.

nagfa: naguib and fadilah (make that Naguib only) hehe