Friday, October 8, 2010

7-11 Kamen Rider BottleCap Figures with Stage

Today, I found this set of 7-11 Premium - Kamen Rider Bottlecap Figures with Stage / Base. I found this in Kota Kinabalu, in a small video cum toy shop. This set is over 8 years old toy, dated 2002. Some of the figures had become sticky. Hence I got this set for over 50% discount. There are 15 figures in all. It's painted silver. I've seen a full color version offered in Hong Kong. Underneath each bottlecaps are the 7-11 mark, some Japanese inscription and number from 1-15. It comes with a brown box. Display really nice. Have always wanted this...finally found it for a good price..eBay selling for USD39.90

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Anonymous said...

i juz bought the colourful set today... for only rm29.90! i was really shock with tat price coz it was bandai 7-11 premium..i tot it was bootleg at 1st..