Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I found a Jumbo Scale RX-78-2 'Gundan' recently in Speedy Videos stores. Either 'Gundan' is a long lost brother of Gundam or he's a China knock off of original Bandai's Jumbo Scale Gundam. Take a guess. It's 1/35 scale and 500mm tall! This figure is massive! This is my largest model kit/action figure hybrid todate. The figure is pre-built and painted quite nicely with weathering effects. Unlike other cheap bootlegs, this, in my opinion is a good quality knock off.

The toy comes with 2 pair of hands (open palms and closed+gun holding palm), unassembled shield, unassembled beam rifle and instructions. Unlike the box-art, the figure comes with applied markings and decals. In fact, I did a search on the web and found that this isn't its original box. There's this 'Gundan' decal on the head, shoulder, and shield that kinda de-value this toy because its basically shouting to the world 'I am a knock-off!" But then I may be wrong....vintage Star Wars knock offs are selling like hot cakes on the net! (Star Wars collectors would know which one I am refering to)
Just to show you how big this figure is, I've placed a Star Wars 3" Clone Trooper as perspective. Darn, now I gotto find a place to store this huge figure......
I noticed that the foot is a bit too large. The articulation is at the arms and head. It's very obvious the figure is meant for display only. It's a nice kit to have especially if you are a Gundam fan. The cost is a fraction of the original. (Original @ eBay USD200++) The quality...I can't comment because I don't have the original to compared with. As said earlier, it's nicely built and painted. eBay selling for USD99. The last time I checked Speedy videos stores, this figure is being snapped up...

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