Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2000 Bandai Motorized Godzilla Latex Model Kit Review

I don't really consider the Bandai's 2000 Godzilla Motorized Latex Model Kit (Japan Exclusive) to be a model kit. It's kinda a hybrid between model kit and electronic toy. Let me explain. First its a pre-painted latex figure, (almost 3/4 complete Godzilla) an electronic motor, some exoskeleton and latex pre-painted fins and tail. When completed, this is one cool Godzilla! It walks and screams!
It was issued in the year 2000.
The figure is about 6" tall and the whole figure exterior is made of latex/rubber. Kinda of give it a real monster skin feel. Cool! Also, its reasonably well pre-painted.
An interesting note, the electronic motor had a Bandai trademark and a year 1993 embossed on. But the exo-skeleton tail had a Bandai trademark with year 2000 embossed. So I guess the body is made in 2000 while the motor is re-issued from previous 1993 Godzilla model.
Looking at the instruction sheet, it's quite easy to build.
It has beautiful box art, both outside and inside. Also stated on the box - "For Sale in Japan Only". It retails in Malaysia for RM250. Hard to find these days.
Ebay Buy It Now Price: USD60 - USD189 ..Yeah I know the big difference and that's exactly what I saw in Ebay. Recommended to Godzilla collectors.

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Susan said...

Excellent stuff. Looks too good. My daughter loves collecting many toys like this. She especially collects the Godzilla Plush Toys.