Monday, September 7, 2009


I got these 3 Transformers Human Alliance figures - Bumblebee with Sam, Skids & Arcee with Mikaela and Sideswipe with Ebbs - and I was very satisfied with quality and play features of the toy. I won't write a review here but you can see many reviews of these in Youtube. These figures are absolutely cool - in their looks and playability!! Plus there's an easter eggs surprise (features not shown in packaging or instruction sheet) in some figures..for example Sideswipe have a Battle Mask and Skids have a 'moving mouth' talking feature! Only one set back, the human figures don't look much though articulated. Available in stores..some shops selling for RM200 already..Fortunately I got the Skids with a surprise 10% discount from Isetan...Yaaay!

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