Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kenner Batman Returns Camo Batmobile Review

Though I already have the Toybiz Batmobile with cocoon from the 1st Tim Burton's Batman movie, I've always wanted to have the Dark Knight Collection Batmobile by Kenner which is a more accurate version compare to the ToyBiz batmobile. But the DK batmobile is more tougher to get and more pricey too. In eBay the price for a mint in box is over USD165. By chance in eBay, I got this batmobile but a repaint version - Camo Batmobile. Its still expensive but not as the original one. I have my three favorite batmobiles and this is one of them.

Play Value: 10/10 There are 4 action features plus a free exclusive Batman figure! It has launching turbo missile, flip-up fender blasters on both sides of the vehicle, bulletproof cockpit shields Batman from armed villains (actually nothing to shout about but if you compare it to the ToyBiz Batmobile which have no cockpit at all, then it's an action feature!) and my favorite, pop-out exhaust flame that spins as you roll along the batmobile. Just like in the movie!

Collectible Value: 10/10. Manufactured in 1994, it's hard to get even in eBay. Mint in box price is about USD100-USD150.

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