Saturday, April 5, 2008

Trendmaster Mars Attack Collection Review

This Trendmaster toyline was based on Tim Burton's Mars Attack movie. I saw the Martian Spy Girl while visiting a fellow toy collector in the mid 90s. What I like about the figure is that it has a removable spy girl mask just like in the movie. Plus Trendmaster gives lots of accesories to accompany the figure. There are 2 versions of this figure (correct me if I m wrong) one being the normal version and another electronic version. Mine is the normal non-electronic version.
Play Value: 10/10 Figure comes with firing freeze ray blaster with 2 missiles, a blaster, a handbag, an earthling mask and all seeing spy eye ring which can be worn! There's electronic sound for the variation figure!
Collectible Value: 8/10. Still quite easily available at eBay. Selling for USD20-USD35.
This is really a cool toy with lots of fun built in it. I like this coz the flying saucer resembles those common UFOs.
Play Value: 10/10 The flying saucer comes with blazing lights in the cockpit, 5 Martian battle sound effects, opening canopy, retractable landing gear, retractable dual missile launcher, 2 night glow missiles and a glow in the dark Martian pilot figure with removable headgear! Plus you get a computer mission disk (PC game). Now that's what I called great play value!!
Collectible Value: 10/10. This is rarer and harder to get compared to the Martian Spy Girl. It sells for USD30-USD60. No, I don't think there'll be any re-issue.

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