Thursday, December 25, 2008

Batman The Long Halloween Collector Set

Similar to the Superman Doomsday collector set, this set features 2 figures - Batman with Batarang with rope and Joker with Gun and both comes with display base. Also included is a 376 page trade paperback graphic novel of The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. All for RM118. I got it from Borders. I think is a good deal - the trade paperback comic alone cost RM67.90 and the Batman and Joker figures easily cost RM70 per piece. US retail at $39.90.

The Batman and Joker figures have good articulation, sculpt and paint job though they don't really look like the ones in the Long Halloween comic book. The comic is a compilation of 13 issues - a very impressive story and interesting artwork. It was said that the Batman Dark Knight film got some inspiration from here. No doubt its the Harvey Dent part.

I recommend this - whether you are a Batman comics fan or just a toy collector. Good story and art compiled in one volume, 2 great figures with base and a very reasonable price.

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