Sunday, January 11, 2009

Takara / Tezuka Production Astro Boy Real Action Figure Review

Another great find for 2009, also for RM20 is this Astro Boy Real Action Figure set from Takara/Tezuka Production. Astro Boy comes with 2 pair of hands (clenched fist and open palm), hand canon, a robot, 2 pair of legs (standing and flying), Astro Boy sillouette head base, a stand for the robot and a stand for flying pose.
Figure is small, about 4" tall but pack with great play value - another great toy from Takara. Figure have reasonable articulation except for the robot which is just a block of plastic. This figure also display very well - with nice sculpt and quality paint job. Recommended to Astro Boy fans.
Play Value: 8/10 - one thing lack in this figure is the open chest. Takara have a bigger Astro Boy action figure that have this features
Collectible Value: 5/10 - eBay selling at USD15-20

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