Friday, January 30, 2009

LJN Thundercats Lion-O Figure

Thundercats toys - one of the must haves for the 80's kid. Unfortunately I didn't get the toys when I was a kid and thanks to eBay, now I can have one Lion-O figure. Well its kinda pricey for a loose complete figure, I got mine for over RM100++. I remember seeing a loose Lion-O in Singapore toy flea market selling for $1.00 only...but I guess those days are gone..

Lion-O comes with sword, claw glove and power ring (Mine still works! Yaaay!) At the back of the figure you have a button, when press activates his right arm to have a slashing action. Insert the power ring to the back and Lion-O' s eyes glow! Very cool for a toy made in the 80's. Now looking for a Mummra figure to complete the equation.....

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