Monday, February 2, 2009

More Vintage Kenner Star Wars Collection

I like to collect vintge Star Wars toys...and if possible, I like to collect them in sets or diorama. Pictured are some of my collection.
Dagobah set with Luke Bespin, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, Yoda and R2 with sensorscope. The playset is almost complete, just mising one levitation piece only. The pit foam is damaged due to age..I got this whole set at a good price from eBay.

Next is the Maintenance Energizer set. It comes with 8 tools a.k.a hydrospanners and 2 hose. Maintenance Energizer - what is it for? Based on the boxart, it is like a petrol station to pump up the X-Wing and the the tools to fix the Falcon or other Star Wars vehicles. Initially I have the box and the maintenance energizer minus the tools, given free when I bought another item. After a long while, I decided to check out eBay to see if they sell loose tools to complete the set. They do sell but very pricey. I waited and finally came across a seller that sell a complete set minus the box plus a free vintage chewbacca figure. Whats good about this eBay seller is that it has some accessories that I am looking for to complete my other loose Star War figures. So I got them...and now I have a complete Zuckuss!! Yaaay!
I've also a set of vintage Bounty Hunters to simulate the Bounty Hunters briefing scene by Darth Vader.
Thought of saving money since the economic doesn't look good but then...I saw some reasonably priced MOC vintage figures on eBay...hhmm

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