Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mattel's Hotwheels Speed Racer: Battle Morph Mach 6 Review

Originally priced at RM209, I got mine for RM79.90 at Parkson. This Speed Racer Mach 6 playset is huge, the vehicle actually fits the 5" Speed figure included in this set. Interesting to note, this set comes under HotWheels branding. I am not really a fan of Speed Racer but a fan of movie related toys and also a sucker for play features! So this reduced price movie merchandise got my attention.
One setback about the toy is the packaging is not collector friendly. It's sealed at all sides and the car comes with batteries. To remove the batteries for storage would mean the need to 'de-virginize' the packaging. To keep it mint in sealed box would risk battery leakage.

Here's what the toy can do.
1) Pull spoiler to activate battle mode - this is cool as the vehicle instantly transform to battle mode with lights and sounds effect!
2) Jump jack attack - as seen in the movie
3) Loads of weapons - heat seeking missiles, high speed sawblade and cat claw tires
4) Deploy homing bird - a birdlike missile that shoots out from the front of the car
5) Articulated Speed figure with removable helmet
Play Value: 8/10
Collectible Value: 6/10. Still new. Ebay Buy It Now @ USD20 - USD60

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