Friday, January 30, 2009

Old Kenner Batman and ToyBiz Spiderman figures found in Speedy Video

While shopping for Chinese New Year, I stumbled upon a 1997 Kenner Batman and Robin movie: Batman with Mr Freeze twin pack, selling for RM12.90 in Speedy Video store. Usually I only buy Batman figures in his original blue/black costume but in this case I made an exception because 1) its cheap, 2) its from Kenner (which is now no more ) and 3) its dated 1997. Then I went to another Speedy Video Store and they have another Batman and Robin twin pack featuring a Metallic costumed Robin and Batman, selling for the same price. Still have a lot in stock...check it out if you're a fan.

Another unusual find in Speedy store is a 1996-7 ToyBiz 10" Spiderman figures. I got the super poseable Spidey (which comes with a web) and the Unmasked Spidey with Peter Parker head (which comes with his Spidey mask). I got it for RM19.90 each. There are other Spidey figures too, what I saw was Spidey in a metallic silver armour, Black Costumed Spidey and Scarlet Spidey in a blue T-shirt thingi. Haven't check other stores so dunno what else do they have.
On closer inspection, the Unmasked Spidey costume have two different shades of blue, the upper body and knee have a darker blue while the lap have a lighter shade. At first I thought it was a manufacturer defect/reject but when I checked in eBay, it seemed the figures in US is made that way too. Ebay price is USD29.90 Buy it now while for the super poseable Spidey is USD20.00 Buy it now.

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