Sunday, January 11, 2009

Takara Microman Magne Power & Mr Grey Playset review

When I saw this set way back in 1999, I knew I wanted to have it because of great play features! But it was quite pricey at that I shelved the thought of owning it. While shopping gifts for my kids, I stumbled upon this set an unbeliavably low price..only RM20!!! I grab it without second thought, but of course the condition of the card and blister is crappy. Nevertheless I got a complete set..nothing missing. My first grreat catch for 2009!

Now for the toy..this Microman (refer to the net for history of Microman) set comes with (check this out)

1) Articulated Microman figure with magnetic hand
2) Articulated Mr Grey figure (the standard looking grey alien)
3) A Kirin Drink bottle that can transform into a tank, a sort of space station and a storage for the toys!!
4) A flying saucer that can transform into some kind of 'turtlelike' creature
5) A kinda machine where Mr Grey can sit on it - like the Power Loader that Ripley sat on in the Aliens movie (sorry dunno what they call that..)
6) A micro toy catalog!! (believe or not) and instruction manual

From the items listed that comes in this set, you can guess its play value...there are so many ways to play with this!! What I like most was the transforming bottle - really creative!
Play Value: 10/10
Collectible Value: 7/10 Quite rare in eBay, saw on selling loose USD21...

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