Sunday, October 11, 2009

ToyBiz X-Men Movie Wolverine vs Sabretooth twinpack

I got this for a good price at Flea Market. It sure bring back some good ol memories.
Compared to character's likeness, this one loses to Hasbro current Wolverine Origins series. Having said that, the figures does have decent Hugh Jackman and Tyler Mane resemblance. I just wished that they do a better paint job on Wolvie's eyes. But what make it better than Hasbro's is it's play value! The figures both have battle actions plus face expression change feature! Press a button on the back, Wolvie and Sabretooth snarl at each gimmick.
Collectible Value: Checked eBay not really that sought after..but then this toy is almost 10 years old..could be a good catch now.

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