Sunday, June 7, 2009

Optimus Prime Leader Class Comparison

The Transformers fever is here again. Scalpers once again wallop all the Bumblebees and a couple of nice figures i.e. Sideswipe, Fallen (which is supposedly rare) off the shelves of departmental stores. And yes, that idiotic collector who ripped toy box and cards had done it again...this time he ripped off the box of The Fallen figure! Many collectors that I know would agree that nowadays, toys are hardly rare, especially Hasbro toys. Very soon, you will find repacks, cinema packs, exclusives and all kinds of excuses to re-issue the figures! Just look at the Ultimate Bumblebee, it has gone through 3 packaging variant and now with Revenge of the Fallen packaging, the figure is now updated with battle helmet! Where got rare one?

Actually I would like to talk about Optimus Prime. Earlier I didn't want to get the Leader Class Optimus Prime because I thought it was a re-issue. But to my surprise when I saw the figure, it was kinda new figure with new gimmicks. So I got one. Here's a very brief comparison between the 2007 movie Prime and the 2009 movie Prime.
The new Prime is leaner, and in my opinion, a more movie accurate version. The previous Prime is more bulkier. The new one have Mech Alive gimmick which supposed shows the 'moving mechanism' when transforming. It comes with 2 energy swords. The 2007 Prime comes with blaster (or energy sword and movie accurate head for the Premium series). Both old and new Prime features eclectronic sounds and phrases. Looking at the picture, you can see that the new Prime body is much more proportionate and not so 'squarish/blocky' like it's predecessor. Even the tyres on the waist are not laid straight, quite movie like. Hasbro did a great job in this one. However, I haven't open it up and can't say much about durability and transformation yet but the 2009 Prime sure look fantastic! This guy is selling fast but you can still find him of now..

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