Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stormriders Baby Fung Wan (Lego lookalike) figures set

Recently I acquired a Baby Fung Wan (also known as Stormriders) figures set based on the popular Hong Kong comic. I believed these figures are quite old. I got it for 50% discount in a comic shop in Pudu. I got Set C, which features both heroes from the popular chinese comic series - Lit Fung and Bo King Wan in their 'evil version'. This is the ONLY set that features both heroes together. Also included is the For Kei Loon, sorry can't translate that in English. It's a Chinese mythical creature that looks like a dragon with 4 legs. In the Stormrider story, this creature is on fire!
I've always liked the art in this Hong Kong series and unfortunately I can't read Mandarin, so I only watched the movie and the recent cartoon for the story line. Years ago, I would pester my wife to read the novel and then ask her to relate the story to me...
A quick description about the figures. They are like Lego or Kubrick, but I think these figures came out earlier than Kubrick..anyway I am not sure. Both figures comes with their signature weapons. Then there's the fire creature which looks kinda cute. Also included are bases for both figures. I checked eBay, couldn't find any of this set, so couldn't gauge the value. What I found was the more common set A, which features Lip Fung, selling for USD25.

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