Thursday, March 18, 2010

Transformers Star Wars Collection

My collector friend said this series is ugly. I agreed but only on the mech/robot mode. I find the vehicle mode quite nice, plus it comes with a mini figure that can fit inside each vehicles. Kinda remind me of Micro Machines Action Fleet Collection. So I decided to collect...until last year where I stopped when Hasbro stopped issuing the mini figures in their new wave. I don't understand why Hasbro is reducing the play value of these cool vehicles!! So here's my collection of Star Wars Transformers - all with the mini figures. Except for Anakin and Obi-Wan Jedi Starfighter, I do not collect other repaints, which they have quite a lot in this series.
This series started in 2005..almosts 5 years and I notice the X-wing already yellowed! Cheap plastics!
The only combiner set - Millenium Falcon (Han & Chewie) set. I got this from US, even after shipping, is still cheaper that the retail price here. Whats more the US version have 2 free Gold Titanium Vehicles - Tie Fighter & Falcon!
The last piece I collected in this series was the Darth Vader Death Star set. It's huge, has lights and sounds effect, comes with mini Vader and Stormtroopers plus mini Tie Fighters that can turn to mech mode!! Cool!

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