Monday, March 1, 2010

ToyBiz Batwing the 3rd!

This is the 3rd time I bought the Toybiz Batman Movie Batwing. I sold off the last two. Some history here...
The first one I bought was from an internet store in the US in the mid 90s, it came but missing the decals. When I conplained, they said they claim the toy to be MIB (mint in box) and not MISB (mint in sealed box). So I was suckered...duh. I am a completist, I don't mind the toy used as long as it's complete. So I sold off the Batwing. Next I bought one in eBay in 2008. They also said is mint in box complete. When it arrived, it's missing one missile! Not again! You can see pics of this Batwing in my earlier blog. I kept this for about over year. Not satisfied, I sold it. Finally..this one arrived yesterday. Yes this is mint in sealed box. Wooohooo! Of course it's not cheap. But satisfied.

And interesting variation - unlike the other two I owned previously, the back of this box is white with the Batwing illustration. Previously, the back is gold colored with a photo of the Batwing toy.

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