Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beware of Vintage Transformers Knock Offs

Recently there were many G1 vintage Transformers 'mint-in-box' toys available. Beware when buying these. These are knock offs (KO) from China! I was a victim of this when I bought Optimus Prime, mint in box!! (U can see the pic in my earlier blog - My Optimus Collection). I didn't realize until a collector from US told me to check certain features to confirm if it's a genuine vintage Prime. Very easy to spot - behind the KO Prime box you will see the picture of Ravage being chopped off! The original have the full Ravage. And the 'R' registered trademark is way above the 'Transformers' title. Check out the web for more tell tale signs and also some history of these knock offs, including who's the manufacturer!!
They didn't stop with just Optimus KO - there's also Black Optimus KO, Clear Optimus KO, Constructicons KO etc...Transformers fans beware..

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Greeku said...

Very Colorful Collection. I like the toys. My kid is very much addicted to the toys, especially the Godzilla Toys. She loves it very much.