Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Optimus Prime Collection

Transformers toys were not really in my collecting radar until the Optimus Prime re-issue in the late 90's. That was when I started to collect mostly Prime and Megatron..until today which I have over 100 Transformers toys..(up till now and still counting...). Here's are the many phases / faces of Optimus Prime - part of my collection

Optimus Prime Book Re-issue - the figure that mark the start of Prime collection
Vintage Optimus Prime Junior - rare from Japan

Vintage Optimus Prime Knock Off (KO) (missing instruction duh! but decals unapplied). The significant difference compared to the re-issue Prime US version are longer smokestack, the red transparent decoder, accessories like tyres, missiles and fist comes attached to tree frame, on the trailer embossed some Japanese words and '1980, 1982 Takara Made in Japan'. I was surprised to see bootleggers going the extend of recreating a high quality almost identical Prime with styrofoam and paperwork etc. I thought this was original until a collector from US alerted me (but was too late as I've already bought.) The tell-tale sign of KO Prime - at the back Ravages pic is chop off!
World Smallest Transformers (WST) Prime and Megatron VSX set. This was a free gift when you buy a Hobby magazine. There were no instructions, the instructions were printed on the magazine it came with. I bought this for RM40, now the price increased to RM100++. THS style Optimus Prime or Convoy as it's known in Japan - small scale Prime with fantastic details,
articulation and loads of accessories!
Star Convoy Re-issue - comes with mini Rodimus and Pepsi Convoy Re-issue.
Masterpiece Optimus Prime (1st issue) - got for quite expensive. Shortly after I got this, then came it's re-issue! Duh! The Takara version is different from the Hasbro version as it has a longer smoke stack! Masterpiece Optimus Prime with trailer - got it as a gift. Yaay!
Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime (fire truck) twin pack. Both can combine. Cool!
Optimus Prime & Megatron twin pack with DVD.
Hasbro Alternators Prime. Takara KISS Convoy which is the same as the alternators Prime except it comes with a girl figure and extra weapon - a transforming surf board.
Optimus Prime Animated & Titanium Optimus Prime - a diecast transformable Prime.

Beast War Optimus Primal (Bat) and Megatron (Croc) set. Comes with mini comic. I got it cheap those days but the bubble had detached due to age. One of my favorites!
Beast War Optimus Primal - got this for only RM15 during warehouse sale back in the late 90s.
There were no ..err not so many scalpels back then.

Air Attack Optimus Primal, the one I have had a crappy box and damaged pvc window. Huge Primal with electronics lights and sounds from Beast Machines. Blast Punch Primal also from Beast Machines series.
Optimus Primal - Transmetal, mine comes with Megatron Transmetal with free video from Japan. 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal, comes with mini ship.
Big Convoy from Transformers Neo, I got this from Hong Kong many years ago. Leo Convoy also from Japanese cartoon Transformers series.
Mickey Optimus with Mickey figure, Mr Potato Optimash Prime comes with mini Prime and Choro-Q Optimus with blaster and pull back action.
G2 Laser Optimus Prime re-issue. Back in the early 90s, I saw this selling for only RM60! Unfortunatley I was still into model kits back then, so I didn't get it. Duh! Gen 2 Hero Optimus Prime which I got from Singapore last year.
God Ginrai Re-issue, there's actually another robot beside Prime in this set. The small figure can transform into an engine and fit to Optimus to activate some cool transformations. Cool features! Encore Optimus Prime is a re-issue of the 1st Prime. It comes with silver Roller.

Galaxy Force Optimus, quite a good CGI Transformers series, can transform into super mode! Energon Optimus - a trailer with 4 vehicles inside. The vehicles combine with the truck to form Megazo-er no..Optimus Prime!Armada Optimus features auto-change gimmick.
Alternity Optimus - smaller, detailed diecast Prime. Just like Alternators, only smaller. But price is higher, not smaller. TFU Optimus Prime, TFU Nemesis Prime (SDCC Exclusive) - this was a peg warmer here, I got this at a 50% discount. Optimus vs Megatron Animated twin pack features a battle damage Prime. Well I have more...Prime from the movies, spychanger, legend class etc..but I am too lazy to get the pics. Thats all for now, maybe next time I'll list the remaining Prime...

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