Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toys Collector Type

This is not new to toys collectors but sometimes people do ask me the same old question "You don't take out your toys ah?" Then I gotta explain the different types of collectors...Well here's my short version of the different type of collectors
Type 1: The Scalpers/Hoarders/Investors
I first came to know the term 'scalping' from a US collector. Scalpers are people who buy toys to sell them a higher price. They would wipe out all the sought after toys from the shelf and then create a fake demand, and you'll see these toys appearing on eBay with "RARE" or "LIMITED" tag. If you check or, you'll realize those are not so rare toys after all. This group preferred to be called investors instead of scalpers but there is really a fine line between them. Scalpers are out there for the money only whereas investors are true collectors. Scalpers are selfish, they buy all off the shelf, investors are not, usually they keep 1 or 2 extras and will leave the rest for other collectors.
Type 2: The Minty Glorys
This group NEVER removed the toys from packaging. They prefer the toys sealed and mint on card, even better with C10 condition. Some will even scrutinized every single detail like the painting of the eyeballs. And one even used black plastic bag to wrap the toys. I asked "Why?" He answered, "To protect the box from the sunlight!" Believe it or not!! They are all out for perfection in the toys. Sometimes this group can be very hard to please.
Type 3: The De-Virginizers
I learnt the term "de-virginizer' from a Barbie collector friend. This group is the opposite of the minty glorys. They de-virginize the toys to touch, feel, play, pose and display them.
Type 4: the OOAKs/Customizers
Again I learnt the term OOAK from the Barbie collectors. OOAK stand for 'One of A Kind'. It means a customized or DIY toy. This group are toys Frankensteiners, they break, modified, attach and create their very own collectible. Some even sell their creation in eBay. The Barbie collector once customized a Ken and Barbie into Robin and Marion. And it comes with a customized box!! If not mistaken, he won a prize for that.

Which type am I? I am a 80/20 cross between Minty Glorys and De-Virginizers. 80% of my collection are mint, 20% are loose and displayed.

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