Monday, November 24, 2008

Barbie Dolls Collection

A toy museum can't just have boys toys right? Must have some dolls as well and of course Barbie made the A-list of must haves. Barbies are the 'big sister' of dolls as G.I.Joes are the 'big brother' of action figures. Both had been around for many many years.

I was exposed to the world of Barbie collection by a friend. A Barbie collector who is a guy. I learnt that there are many lines of Barbies but to simplify, there are the play lines (for little ones) and the collectibles (for not so little ones). I was surprised to note that there are many collectors out there and some are famous designers. I've helped him collected many Barbies around the world through eBay and I can see why he felt in love with them. (I am refering to the collectible type of course) The amount of details on the dressing - its mind blowing! My friend had since moved on to collect Fashion Royalty, a line of dolls which is very very limited, which in turn, very very expensive. I've seen the FR dolls, yeah there are beautiful.

Over the years, I've acquired a few Barbies but most are bought by my wife for me on special occasions. My first Barbie is the "I Dream of Jeannie" Barbie. My favorite Barbie is the Ferrari Barbie, it was one very posh and classy doll. I sold it to a lucky collector for RM500. As you can see, I collect Superheroines Barbies or Movie Tie-Ins. The Year of the Rat is one that I like because of the Barbie looks, kinda pleasant and sweet. You cannot miss Ken, Barbie's boy friend of so many years...oh yeah, I heard couple of years back, Barbie had a new boyfriend called Blaine..but Barb and Ken have kinda patch things up now..I have a FAO Shwartz Exclusive Tango Barbie and Ken in their happier days..I collect other dolls as well and most are sold. I have Bratz dolls, Britney Spears dolls (sold, kinda regret now) and Lara Croft (sold, also regret).

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