Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot Toys 1:6 MMS DX-01 The Dark Knight Joker Review

It's back! The feeling is back! Last year I posted in my blog that I am losing interest in toys collecting..well for certain toys anyway.. but I guess the feeling has finally comes back! I've just got the 1:6 scale Hot Toys MMS DX-01 The Dark Knight Heath Ledger Joker boxset...and was I blown away by the details, likeness and 'play value' of the figure!

I've never intended to buy this though I've seen it for some time. Then one day, I was reading Cool Toys Review, and they named this "The Toy of the Year 2009!" After reading the review, I was sold! I went hunting and I found one! Yes!

The boxset includes: Joker figure, Joker (policeman ver) head, Policeman suits, loads of gadgets (grenades, knife, guns...etc) and extra hands (see pic) and a light up base! It is beautifully boxed. The eyes on the Joker can be moved and positioned - a gimmick mirroring EnterBay's figures. As you can see from the pic, it has Heath Ledger likeness. However my friend said the Bank Robber Joker also from Hot Toys looks even more real. This is an adult collectible, so expect 'adult' price. !
Play value - well you get to pose him..what else. You get to pose him like the scene where he threatened to blow the gang of Mafias up with grenades (the figure comes with grenades and string), or as the Policeman trying to shoot the Senator in the DK movie. With it's articulated body, you probably can pose him anyway you like. The accesories are waaaay cool. The gun actually cocks and it comes with a removable magazine with bullets! Then there's the retractable knife, a deck of mini cards...well go to youtube for the review. You must see to believe! Even with the high price, I believe this is one figure that is worth investing

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