Sunday, January 17, 2010

Buying Nostalgia...My 80s Star Wars Collection

Last year I missed a good chance to buy some vintage Star Wars figures at a good price. I told myself never to hesitate again when I see a good deal. Late last year, I found another set of vintage Star Wars at a reasonable price (not cheap though) and I grabbed it!
These are mint on card ROTJ Gammporean Guard - which once upon a time was a peg warmer, mint on card ROTJ Leia Boussh Disguise, a figure I wanted when I was young and mint on card ROTJ Lando Skiff Guard, also a figure I wanted because of the removable helmet. They arrived yesterday. Holding these vintage figures in my hand really bring back good ol memories when I was a child. I remember seeing lots of them in Klasse Sungei Wang (now Parkson) and my mom's reluctance to buy for me. In fact I only had 2 Star Wars figures when I was young, Threepio and Luke Jedi. Looking at the card backs, reminds me of the time that I spend hours on my bed looking at the colorful figures that I wished I had. Feels good.......

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