Thursday, February 14, 2013


This is one BIG & HEAVY Chogokin Toy! This figure is to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Mazinger Animation and I am absolutely impress with it! This is a must have, if you are a Chogokin or Mazinger collector! There are plenty of reviews of this figure on the net, so I'll just go through quickly the play value:
It comes with lighted Hangar to display Mazinger, 2 working cranes and the hangar sides can store the extra parts. You can display Mazinger in 3 versions - the full mechanical ver, The half mechanics/half covered ver and the full covered ver. It comes with a remote control - the figure plays songs and sounds and have lights effects It also comes with a Mazinger comic, a booklet on the history of Mazinger toys and the Instruction booklet. Mazinger have superb articulation, but please note there are some complaints on the arms and pieces falling off easily. But if you are just displaying this big guy, then this wouldn't be an issue. To me it's kinda worth it and I think the price will go up in the near future....Bandai may re-issue this..who knows..

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