Monday, August 9, 2010

Retro, Reissues & Simply Toys!

I've just got back from work and while on the way for dinner, popped by ToysrUs and found these Retro Action DC Superheroes figures. I picked up two of my favorites - Superman and Batman (with removable cowl). It was smaller than expected. From the ads in Toyfare, I thought these were 12" figures but they are only 7-8". These are Megos lookalike, issued by Mattel.
Reissue Again - Hasbro launched the vintage carded figures - sort of like the VOTC minus the clamshell. I got these few weeks ago before my short break to Singapore. I bought Vader because it has 3 piece removable helmet. Boba as well... kind of a must have figure in vintage packaging. Threepio I got it today. At first, never intended to buy Threepio because it has removable face, chest and legs covering as an action feature which doesn't show in The Empire Strikes Back. However, after reading Rebelscum, I found out that Threepio have removable back panels and removable limbs - I am sold! Only thing missing is the cargo net! Threepio doesn't seem like a short pack figure but I notice it's being snapped up!

I was at Singapore 2 weekends ago for a short holiday. Manage to visit 'Simply Toys' store where many of our toys/collectibles products here are imported from them. In the words of Darth Vader "Impressive...most impressive" - with lots of museum quality collectibles! These pictures speaks more than words....sorry..unable to load photos as its taking too long.....

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