Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Toy Carnival

Last weekend at e@Curve, there's a small Star Wars Toys Carnival to celebrate Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 30th anniversary. First, the dissappointing news - Calling the event a 'Toy Carnival' I expected loads of Star Wars toys. But it only showcase some up-coming toys like the huge AT-AT, Twin Cloud Car etc and it occupied only the small showcase area (see pic) - Duh!
Now for some better news - there's a showcase of assembled model kits and diorama toys (only 1 table-long display), a huge cardboard model of Star Destroyer, look very cool and my favorite piece, - a model of Han in Carbonite with Leia Boushh, complete with lighting effect! Looks just like in the movie! There was one Star Wars game offered to shoppers, some lightsaber contest and a few Star Wars cosplayers (manage to get a quick snap shot of Vader and Fett!). Well though is a small showcase event, I must say a job well done to the organizers for keeping the Star Wars spirit alive!

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